VI: In your hands

(Reprised to fit commonplace theatricality.)

Stay with me,
let me know you’ll never leave
you don’t have to be alone,take my heart and let it be your own

I can’t promise I’ll be waiting
if your mind might be changing
don’t let this opportunity just linger

Take my hand,
because together we can stay
I’m on my way with both wings out stretched

Come with me because I know you’ll regret it,
you’ll never forget just how good we had it
so baby don’t you let this go

You better start believing
why live your life wondering
when you can have the whole world in your hands

So much love inside these arms, but tomorrow it could be gone
and I can see our future in your eyes
trust your heart and ease your mind

So don’t you worry, I’m not too much
because I love you — hush!
what matters in the end is we’ve got love and understanding

If you’re having second-thoughts, I would understand
because sometimes it’s too much, too soon
and we don’t even have a plan

But all I know is that what you feel for me is true,
so no matter what you choose to do,
it will always be me and you


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