VII: Digging old stuff

Let’s just say whenever a new year starts, you should avoid digging your old stuff.

Even 2013 stuff. (Which was just, literally, 3 days ago.)

Especially your 2013 write ups in your planner — which had tragically made me feel like I failed at half of my plans last year.

Because seeing yourself writing lame four-verses every week is just a perverse way of proving to yourself that you’re weird.

Okay, well, the second one were five lines, but hey… it’s close.


January 13th – January 19th

The bitterness festers,
like a month-old wound,
unfamiliar to pain,
but remains a reminder.

January 20th – January 26th

Truths be started, soon be ended
something beautiful, soon be dull
voices fade, swallowed by the noise
blossom quickly, wither slowly
like a rose in the snow.

February 10th – February 16th

And if it can’t be love that you feel,
you just go crazy and look for something,
like a way to make it stop,
but in the end, you can’t find anything.

February 25th – March 2nd

Dear you. Yes you.
Stop forgetting to write
the damn yearbook story.

March 17th – March 23rd

You should have asked her
to buy you a PS Vita.
What is wrong with you?
That’s it, you’re retarded.

March 24th – March 30th

Focus. Review.
You are in the precipice of change.
You have the… POWER!

April 21st – April 27th

I’m amazed by how well you’re REVIEWING.
Stop staring at the text.
Stop torturing yourself and go to bed.
Pretending to study is harder than studying itself.

June 16th – June 22nd

Carl Balita is lying to you.
Carl Balita is lying to you.
The results are not on the 28th.
Carl Balita is lying to you.

June 23rd – June 29th

Carl Balita is not Nostradamus.
I have no idea
if I’m more frustrated than depressed.

August 18th – August 24th

I’m not a doormat.
I’m not a doormat.
I’m not a doormat.
Wait. Are there doormats with arms?

October 6th – October 12th

I don’t know.
I think I heard my cat talking to me.
In human words.
Shit. Help.

October 20th – October 26th

WILL ALWAYS… that’s it, I’m done.

November 17th – November 23rd

So I was thinking… what if nurses could see
the soul of a patient in a coma?
Shit’s going to be awesome!
And I’ll probably shit my pants.

December 15th – December 21st

This is boss. Like really… really boss.
Graham balls are awesome.
Must learn how to make Graham balls.
Graham balls. Graham balls. *singsong*

December 22nd – 28th

Before you went to walk, I went to run
because the answers are coming in one by one
when a train comes in, the doors open I get in…
last night I had a pleasant nightmare.


But I guess it’s about time I forgive myself for doing this… to myself.
I dunno if this will stop happening though.
Maybe it should be five lines.
Or six.
Or seven.
Or never.

Let’s just see how the year plays out.

So if you’re happy and you know it clap your…

Found somewhere in Tumblr, around late 2013. Credits to whoever owns this, because I absolutely have no idea.
Found somewhere in Tumblr, around late 2013. Credits to whoever owns this, because I absolutely have no idea.

Just kidding. Have a great day!


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