XIII: Promising Promises

When I wrote my feelings
on the walls and ceilings
like they’re drugs I’m dealing

and you just walked away

is it wrong to expect something back
now that everything has been said and done
can you tell me where I stand?

let me just speak for the record
even your eyes, they betray you
you can spare me the lecture

do I need to remind you that I’m only
hanging by a string
I close my eyes and spin

I was giving you everything I had to give
wasn’t it enough?
all those promising promises were on your lips

but now they’re gone

are you happy with what you’ve become?
I keep making you look,
but you don’t see it

you had a heart just like mine
but now it’s cold as ice
I won’t get over it this time

I’m ready to move either towards or away
but we can make it before the storm
just let your pride out the door

but you wouldn’t give it up


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