My Heart is Somewhere

The mind’s wandering today


My heart is somewhere, somewhere the world doesn’t see.

That somewhere would be you, who would be kind and would know how to let the earth be. Someone “just right”; plain and simple.

I would love how you laugh – how it would bounce and fade just so, flowing into my ears and out like the quiet hum of a forest. How the first time I would feel it reverberate within me would be because I had told a corny joke, but you laugh at it anyway. I dream that someday I would come home to that after a long day, or that I’d wake up to you laughing just so.

Or maybe it would be the other way around. I will smile when the dog barks, because then I would know you’re home. I would close the book I was reading while waiting for you and I would hear you struggle with your keys, but I open up for you and give you a teasing smirk.

You would blankly stare at me for a split second and say “I told you not to wait up, kid,” and you would have this big smile, drop me a quick kiss, hold on to me for support, and you’d laugh a bit with a drunken buzz. Maybe I would fall for you all over again – then I would wonder how could something so mundane still paint such a beautiful picture?

It’s hard for me to keep things the way I like them to be, so I try my best to make sure I keep everything for as long as I could before things change.

Change is here, I suppose. Because my heart is longing – something I can’t explain. It’s a feeling, I guess?

But while I long for you, please keep smiling. Keep laughing with gleeful abandon until I find you at your best and you find me at mine; then maybe by then we could make history together.

My heart is somewhere… do you happen to have it?


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