XV: Anything Else

It shouldn’t be so hard, because t
he rest is simple.
Walk. Don’t run so I can follow in a steady pace,
because this could be a feeling we’ll never find again.

Wait for the darkness to alight,
you’ll see that fate and dreams will collide;
we’ve already come this far

My feet are stuck, but don’t tell me that they’re glued.
Give me some time to breathe,
I’ll try to get myself together — get it right this time.

Everything will be okay — that’s easy to say.
But when everything has been tried,
is there anything else left to say?


IX: A Fool

Another shot of whiskey please bartender,
keep it coming until I don’t remember
how bad it would hurt when you’re gone

Turn the music up a little bit louder
just gotta get past the midnight hour
maybe tomorrow it won’t be this hard

But who am I kidding?
I know what I’m missing

I had my heart set on you
But nothing else hurts like you do
Who knew that love was so cruel

And I waited and waited so long
For someone who will never come home
It’s my fault to think you’ll be true

I’m just a fool

VIII: Leave you alone

– modified reprise –

I’ve never been the one
for saying the right things
and I messed up again without even trying

I’ll tell you what I’m going to do
to make it up to you tonight
I’m going to leave you alone

Because I don’t know
any other way to try to make it right
because the only thing this
stubborn heart knows how to do is fight

— fight for what I think is right
so I’ll grab my coat
and see you tomorrow

I need you to know
that I don’t want to go
and that leaving this wrong
is the last thing I want

But I’ve tried all I could
and I think I had said all I should
I guess I can’t stand the fight
so I’ll leave you alone tonight